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Privacy Policy



Stand Sure Information Services, Inc. (“SSIS”) is committed to delivering reliable information to our customers and to protect the privacy and confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about consumers. Safeguarding the privacy of information, both online and offline, is a top priority for you and SSIS. Accordingly, we take reasonable steps to:

  • Give you, as a visitor to our web site, clear notice when we are requesting information from you, the types of information we request from you, the general purposes for which that information will be used or disclosed, the categories of users to whom we provide the information;
  • Only retain information provided by you, the user. Any other information such as information used by a third-party service is neither recorded, retained, stored, maintained nor held by SSIS;
  • Maintain accurate records, provide you access to the personally identifiable information that is retrievable online and, provide you a fair procedure to update and correct data; and
  • Use safe and secure systems, physical and electronic, to safeguard the information about you.



The Information We Collect About You
The SSIS online privacy policy applies to all information we receive online from you and about you in connection with the purchase and use of the Personal Financial Management Instructional Course (PFM Course). We do not collect information from or about you while you are accessing and using our web site. If you do not register or fill out any forms at an SSIS web site, such as in connection with the PFM Course, no information is collected about you.

We only collect information from you or about you online when you enroll in the PFM Course. In this situation we collect certain information from and about you to process your request and to verify your identity to be sure that we are providing the PFM Course to the proper individual. This is for your protection and is a requirement prescribed by the Executive Office for United States Trustees.

Information From You
Specifically, we receive information from you when you register for the Personal Financial Management Instructional Course through this web site. Additionally, when you order the PFM Course, we ask you to provide specific Personally Identifiable Information for identity verification and authentication including:

  • First and last name (middle initial and suffix, as applicable);
  • Mailing Address
  • Last four (4) digits of your Social Security number;
  • Bankruptcy Case number
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender;
  • Home telephone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Credit card number and expiration date; and
  • Drivers license number, and state of issue

We may also receive information from you (at your discretion) when you send us e-mail, faxes and mail.

Information From Others
We do not collect information about you from other sources.  All information we collect about you is received from your responses to the enrollment forms on the PFM Course website.

How We Use Information We Collect
We use the information we collect about you in connection with your ordering the PFM Course in order to provide you: 1) the PFM Course materials you requested; 2) communication regarding and support for the PFM Course and its associated services; 3) verification and authentication of your identity.  We also use this information for various internal business purposes, such as billing, customer service, and broadening and improving the PFM Course and services we can offer.

Additionally, we may use the information, including postal address and/or email address, to send you information and notices related to the PFM Course.

To Whom We May Disclose The Information We Collect
We do not disclose (sell, rent or provide) the personally identifiable information you provide to us online to any third party for any marketing purposes.  We do however, disclose information you provide to the Executive Office for United States Trustees for use in issuing a Certificate of Course Completion, and your information may be matched against existing publicly accessible databases for identity verification purposes.

Identity Verification and Authentication

The Executive Office for United States Trustees (“EOUST”) requires all authorized providers of debtor education courses to verify and authenticate user identity.  This is both for your protection, and to ensure the integrity of the debtor education program.  SSIS utilizes a third party service to match PII that you provide against known publicly accessible databases such as bankruptcy records, telephone records, land ownership records, driver’s licenses, professional licenses, and voter registration.  Furthermore, you may be asked additional questions in order to authenticate your identity.  This is to ensure that you are, in fact, the actual person identified by the EOUST requiring this debtor education course. This is also used to prevent any fraudulent activity by other posing as debtors.


In the event that your identity cannot be authenticated via the third party service, you will be asked to contact SSIS and provide proof of identity such as a copy of your state issued driver’s license or passport.



If you have ordered the PFM Course, you can, at any time, go to the Account Management Center to review your user ID, password, email address, and password. Other PII, such as name, postal address, and Social Security number, are collected and stored when you order the PFM Course. Since this information is not maintained in a form retrievable by consumers, we are not able to provide you access to it. As mentioned in the "How We Use Information" section, this information is maintained in order for SSIS to provide you: 1) the PFM Course materials you requested; 2) communication regarding and support for the PFM Course and its associated services; 3) verification and authentication of your identity.


SSIS recognizes the importance of secure online transactions, and we safeguard the privacy of information you provide us through online forms. For your enrollment request submitted to us online, we use programs that encrypt the information you provide on the order form before transmission to SSIS. The information is decrypted only upon receipt by SSIS. Except as set forth in the "To Whom We Disclose The Information We Collect" section above we do not disclose your PII to any third party, and we restrict access to your PII only those who have a need to know that information in connection with the purposes for which it is collected and used. Additionally, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your PII. Information you provide us when you register for and order the PFM Course or services online is transmitted to us through a secured socket layer (SSL) transmission.

Further, we have security protocols and measures in place to protect the PII we maintain about you from unauthorized access or alteration. These measures include internal and external firewalls, physical security and technological security measures, and encryption of certain information.

You also have a role in protecting the security of information about you. For example, you should guard your password to the PFM Course, and use best security practices for your computer equipment.


"Accountability" is generally recognized as an important component of "Fair Information Practices" and refers to the process that a company has in place to be sure it adheres to its privacy policy. It also means that a redress process exists to address privacy policy compliance questions.

We take reasonable precautions to be sure that unaffiliated third parties or affiliates do not have access to your personally identifiable information.

SSIS is not, however, responsible for the privacy practices or content of link sites listed on our web pages. The owners of these link sites are responsible for them.

Session Variables

In order to track user progress in the course, and provide users with the best possible experience while using the PFM Course, we employ session variables. 

It is widely recognized in the industry that session variables have no malicious purpose and intent.  Session variables cannot be used for any type of marketing or “data mining” purpose.

Session variables expire within 20 minutes after a user logs into the site, or when the user logs out of the site or closes the web browser, whichever comes first.  This ensures that user activity cannot be tracked for marketing or any other purpose. For this reason, session variables are employed by organizations such as financial institutions as user activity cannot be tracked.

SSIS only uses session variables in association with  SSIS does not employ persistent cookies or any other cookie technology that would allow any type of Internet activity monitoring.

How We Use Session Variables: Session variables are employed for several purposes. For example, session variables:

  • enable us to store your preferences in order to personalize your user experience;
  • allow us to track your progress (chapters completed) and time spent taking the PFM Course;
  • allow you to move to other services on the site (such as the help center) without requiring you to login a second time
  • allow us to authenticate your identity while taking the PFM Course

Session variables are not, and cannot be used for any marketing or “data mining” purpose.

Our session variables will only collect information during your online activity at our website, not during any of your other Internet activity. Session variables set by us are not able to be interpreted by or shared with any other third party.


We want you to be fully informed about how we will protect your privacy. We may change our privacy policy in the future, but we will not change our practices until they have been posted at this website. If changes occur, we will also show the date of revision. You agree that we may notify you of changes in our policy through this web site.


If you have questions or comments about SSIS’s online privacy policy and fair information practices, please write to Stand Sure Information Services, Inc., P.O. Box 418, Oneonta, AL 35121.


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