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Stand Sure Information Services is approved in all Bankruptcy Judicial Districts!

You can enroll, complete your Personal Bankruptcy Debtor Education Course, and receive your pre-discharge Debtor Education Certificate - for only $15.00!

We designed our Personal Financial Management Instructional Course with your ease and convenience in mind. Both the Bankruptcy Debtor Education Course and the user Help Center are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step 1 - Enroll
Click the “Enroll Now” button below, and provide accurate personal information.  The cost for enrollment in our online Debtor Education Course is $15.00 which can be paid via credit card, debit card, Paypal (for personal checks) or money order.  When enrollment is complete, you will receive an e-mail notification with your enrollment information including your Login and Password.

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Step 2 - Login To Watch The Video Lessons
Login to the site. The user login is located on the orange title bar above. Begin watching the course videos.

When you have finished watching all chapter videos, you will be required to take a brief multiple choice learning assessment.  There is no pass/fail requirement.  You cannot fail this course!  After completing the learning assessment you will be asked to submit a short user feedback survey. The survey is strictly voluntary.

Step 3 - Receive Your Certificate
Certificates are generated throughout the day, and uploaded to your account within 2 - 12 hours after completion of the course (weekdays only). To get your certificate, just log back in to your account and click the icon at the top of the page marked "Download Your Certificate."

To better assist you, you can ask questions and get technical support by clicking the “Help Center” button on the blue bar above.

This course is also offered without regard to a user's ability to pay.  Students may receive a waiver of fees through a written request sent via first class mail to our corporate address:

Stand Sure Information Services, Inc.
Attn: Waiver Request
P.O. Box 418, Oneonta, AL 35121

Requests for waivers must include the following information:
1. Reason for request of waiver of course fees.
2. Household Income and household size.
3. Requestor's Name, Address, Bankruptcy Case Number, Judicial District, Telephone Number, E-mail address, and (if applicable) Bankruptcy Attorney Information (Name, Address, Telephone Number, E-Mail).

Upon Receipt of the aforementioned information, the requestor will receive information via E-mail and/or first class mail with instructions regarding logging in to use the service.

*Approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a personal financial management instructional  course  in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code.

*Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a Provider's services.

Need help? Click the button above to have chat with one of our freindly representatives who can assist you in enrolling in our Pre-Discharge Personal Financial Management Course.

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